Dusty Boots On A Gravel Road

I don’t have any choirs left to help me,
It seems maybe my songs are almost sung.
The winters now seem colder; the summer sun no longer burns,
And yesterday’s old love will not return.

I don’t have any candles left to guide me,
My mouth is dry; I have no words to speak.
My old coat won’t keep the chill off, and my boots are letting in,
Let me walk a different road and start again.

Worn-out shoes on a lonesome highway,
Dancing shoes on a redbrick floor.
Rusty strings that sound off-key on my guitar,
Dusty boots on a gravel road.

I’ve seen them break his bread and sing his praises.
I’ve been fooled by what they said as we drank wine.
I’ve seen them counting money, and the souls they’ve saved from pain,
And every time he’s crucified again.

Then play some blues and sing the songs you taught me,
Amazing Grace and Let Me Fly Away.
Take me back to Ephesus, back to that sweet first love,
To home where that love waits for me some day.

From the album "Dusty Boots on a Gravel Road"
© W. J. Adair/Sad Jeb Music 2010

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