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Poem for the Day - Go To Bed With A Cheese And Pickle Sandwich by Mandy Cole

Posted: 9 March 2018

Poem for the Day
This poem was in an anthology given to me by a friend and, even though I am more of a roll and bacon type, it has always made me smile. 

Go to bed with a cheese and pickle sandwich
It is life enhancing.
It doesn't chat you up.
You have to make it.

A cheese and pickle sandwich
is never disappointing.
You don't lie there thinking: 
Am I too fat?
Too fertile?
Too insecure?

Your thoughts are clear,
your choices simple:
to cut it in half
or not to cut it in half,
how thin to slice the cheese 
and where you should place the pickle.

From a cheese and pickle sandwich 
you do not expect flowers,
poems and acts of adoration. 
You expect what you get:
cheese... and pickle.

You want, you eat, 
and afterwards you have eaten. 
No lying awake resentful, 
listening to it snore. 

Safe snacks. 
It comes recommended.

Go To Bed With A Cheese And Pickle Sandwich
Mandy Coe

Poem for the Day - If People Disapprove Of You by Sophie Hannah

Posted: 8 March 2018

Poem for the Day 
My mantra for life. 

Make being disapproved of your hobby.
Make being disapproved of your aim.
Devise new ways of scoring points
In the Being Disapproved Of Game.

Let them disapprove in their dozens.
Let them disapprove in their hordes.
You'll find that being disapproved of
Builds character, brings rewards.

Just like any form of striving
Don't be arrogant; don't coast
On your high disapproval rating.
Try to be disapproved of most.

At this point, if it's useful,
Draw a pie chart or a graph.
Show it to someone who disapproves.
When they disapprove, just laugh.

Count the emotions you provoke:
Anger, suspicion, shock.
One point for each of these
And two for each boat you rock.

Feel yourself warming to your task -
You do it bloody well.
A last you've found an area
In which you can excel.

Savour the thrill of risk without
The fear of getting caught.
Whether they sulk or scream or pout,
Enjoy your new-found sport.

Meanwhile all those who disapprove
While you are having fun
Won't even know your game exists
So tell yourself you've won.

If People Disapprove Of You 
Sophie Hannah

Poem for the Day

Posted: 3 March 2018

Poem for the Day

Entranced, you turn again and over there
It is white also. Rectangular white lawns
For miles, white walls between them. Snow.
You close your eyes. The terrible changes.

White movements in one corner of your room.
Between your hands, the flowers of your quilt
Are stormed. Dark shadows smudge
Their faded, impossible colours, but won’t settle.

You can hear the ice take hold.
Along the street
The yellowed drifts, cleansed by a minutes fall,
Wait to be fouled again. Your final breath
Is in the air, pure white, and moving fast. 

Ian Hamilton

A Snow Haiku

Posted: 3 March 2018


Now surrounding us
The perfect silence of snow
Lies like cold,white thatch.

Bill Adair

22 October; Kochi Street Art

Posted: 28 October 2017

Fort Kochi has a wealth of street art and almost everywhere you turn you see it, from the stark black and white social comments by ‘GUESS WHO’, Kochi’s very own Banksie, to the images of Che Guevara, which seem to be everywhere.

     Not far from my hotel I came across what appeared to be the local branch of the Communist Party of India (CPI). 

     When I was here last year I photographed this wonderful mural. Just as the shutter clicked a passing cyclist came into the frame and made a nice photograph into something very special. Murals don’t seem to last in Kochi as I found out when I visited the same place to find it had been replaced. Quite nice but not as good as last year’s. 


   I have no idea who ‘GUESS WHO’ is; no one has but his/her work shows up all over town and while it has a humorous side it also makes some very serious points. Look out, Banksie, there’s a new kid on the block. 




I was amused when I saw this image of Kerela’s beloved Che, more beloved it would seem than either Ghandi or Mother Teresa, as part of the decoration and advertising of that most 21st century high street capitalist outlet, the coffee shop. Still, it is a far cry from Starbucks. 

A small pictorial guide in and around this wonderful town that is Fort Kochi where there is always something to see.




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