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Poem for the Day - Song by W. H. Auden

Posted: 27 March 2018

Poem for the Day 

The chimney sweepers
Wash their faces and forget to wash the neck;
The lighthouse keepers
Let the lamps go out and leave the ships to wreck;
The prosperous baker
Leaves the rolls in hundreds in the oven to burn;
The undertaker
Pins a small note on the coffin saying, “Wait till I return,
I’ve got a date with Love.”

And deep-sea divers
Cut their boots off and come bubbling to the top,
And engine-drivers
Bring expresses in the tunnel to a stop;
The village rector
Dashes down the side-aisle half-way through a psalm;
The sanitary inspector
Runs off with the cover of the cesspool on his arm-
To keep his date with Love.

W. H. Auden

Easter Haiku #2 - Monday, Holy Week

Posted: 26 March 2018

Easter Haiku #2 – Monday, Holy Week

The temple was rocked,
The moneychangers challenged,
Tables overturned.

And still it goes on.
Rich bankers, pay day lenders,
Exploiting the poor.

Be angry again.
A righteous, holy anger.
A Christ-like anger.

Bill Adair

Poem for the Day - Midstairs by Virginia Hamilton Adair

Posted: 26 March 2018

Poem for the Day
A very powerful, personal poem, full of intimacy and a real outpouring of grief written shortly after her husband committed suicide. 

Praying, thy will be done,
How will I know, I also pray,
What is this will for me, for mine?
Shall I find windows full of sun
Or walls of darkness all the way?

And here on this turning of the stair
Between passion and doubt,
I pause and say a double prayer,
One for you, and one for you;
And so they cancel out.

And now I come to the creaking tread,
Not my way, Lord, but thine.
The steps of grief have bowed my head,
Though it is not a long climb
To the lonely bed.

Virginia Hamilton Adair

Easter Haiku #1 Palm Sunday

Posted: 25 March 2018

Easter Haiku #1 – Palm Sunday

A tethered colt stands
Alone, unobserved, and then,

Shouts and cheers ring out,
Fickle songs heralding death.
Each palm frond a thorn.

Bill Adair

Poem for the Day - A Prayer in the Prospect of Death by Robert Burns

Posted: 25 March 2018

Poem for the Day

O Thou unknown, Almighty Cause
Of all my hope and fear!
In whose dread presence, ere an hour, ...
Perhaps I must appear!

If I have wander'd in those paths
Of life I ought to shun,
As something, loudly, in my breast,
Remonstrates I have done;

Thou know'st that Thou hast formed me
With passions wild and strong;
And list'ning to their witching voice
Has often led me wrong.

Where human weakness has come short,
Or frailty stept aside,
Do Thou, All-Good -for such Thou art-
In shades of darkness hide.

Where with intention I have err'd,
No other plea I have,
But, Thou art good; and Goodness still
Delighteth to forgive.

A Prayer in the Prospect of Death
Robert Burns

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