Poem for the Day - Let Me Be The Pickle In Your Cheese And Pickle Sandwich by Bill Adair

Posted: 10 March 2018

Poem for the Day
Following on from yesterday’s rather cheesy poem.

Let me be the pickle in your cheese and pickle sandwich,Let me be the butter on your toast.
Let me be the dressing that you season all your food with,Let me be the taste you love the most.

Let me be the drizzle in the lemon cake you’re baking,
Let me be your favourite type of brie.
Let me be the brandy that ignites your Christmas pudding,Let me be the cream in your cream tea.

Let me be the sherry that you pour into your trifle,
Let me be the goldfish in your bowl.
Let me be the tonic in your Tanqueray and slim-line,
Let me be the lemon lying on your Dover sole.

Let me be the doughnut that you dip into your coffee,
Let me be your toffee apple stick.
Let me be the bed socks that you warm your frozen feet with,Let me be the dish you always pick.

Let Me Be The Pickle In Your Cheese and Pickle Sandwich 
Bill Adair

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