Poem for the Day - Go To Bed With A Cheese And Pickle Sandwich by Mandy Cole

Posted: 9 March 2018

Poem for the Day
This poem was in an anthology given to me by a friend and, even though I am more of a roll and bacon type, it has always made me smile. 

Go to bed with a cheese and pickle sandwich
It is life enhancing.
It doesn't chat you up.
You have to make it.

A cheese and pickle sandwich
is never disappointing.
You don't lie there thinking: 
Am I too fat?
Too fertile?
Too insecure?

Your thoughts are clear,
your choices simple:
to cut it in half
or not to cut it in half,
how thin to slice the cheese 
and where you should place the pickle.

From a cheese and pickle sandwich 
you do not expect flowers,
poems and acts of adoration. 
You expect what you get:
cheese... and pickle.

You want, you eat, 
and afterwards you have eaten. 
No lying awake resentful, 
listening to it snore. 

Safe snacks. 
It comes recommended.

Go To Bed With A Cheese And Pickle Sandwich
Mandy Coe

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