22 October; Kochi Street Art

Posted: 28 October 2017

Fort Kochi has a wealth of street art and almost everywhere you turn you see it, from the stark black and white social comments by ‘GUESS WHO’, Kochi’s very own Banksie, to the images of Che Guevara, which seem to be everywhere.

     Not far from my hotel I came across what appeared to be the local branch of the Communist Party of India (CPI). 

     When I was here last year I photographed this wonderful mural. Just as the shutter clicked a passing cyclist came into the frame and made a nice photograph into something very special. Murals don’t seem to last in Kochi as I found out when I visited the same place to find it had been replaced. Quite nice but not as good as last year’s. 


   I have no idea who ‘GUESS WHO’ is; no one has but his/her work shows up all over town and while it has a humorous side it also makes some very serious points. Look out, Banksie, there’s a new kid on the block. 




I was amused when I saw this image of Kerela’s beloved Che, more beloved it would seem than either Ghandi or Mother Teresa, as part of the decoration and advertising of that most 21st century high street capitalist outlet, the coffee shop. Still, it is a far cry from Starbucks. 

A small pictorial guide in and around this wonderful town that is Fort Kochi where there is always something to see.




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